(Ἑκάτη, Hekátē)
In Greek mythology, Hekate is the name of a triune deity.


About us

Founded in 2019, Hekate Studio is a Berlin-based video game developer specialized in premium AA games for PC & consoles.

A gatekeeper into the world of the beyond. An embodiment of what our games offer:

Unique gaming experiences that feature state of the art audio-visual presentations, engaging gameplay, and captivating narratives with deep worldbuilding. We deliver "thought-provoking nightmares" that players will remember.


Ad Infinitum

With our debut title, AD INFINITUM, we have proven our ability to deliver exceptional and unforgettable horror game experiences.

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Our Vision

Our vision at HEKATE is to become a leading game studio known for its delivering cutting-edge horror experiences with compelling narratives.

We are united by a common dedication and unwavering passion to push the limits of what's possible, creating unforgettable, immersive game experiences for millions of players worldwide.


Meet our Team

Hekate consists of talented people from all over the world, not only sharing a great dedication, but also showing a strong identification with the subjects of our games.

We are proud of our exceptional team, including award-winning industry-veterans with over 40 years of combined industry experience, contributing to the success of over 30 boxed titles.

At HEKATE we know that a great Product is always a result of great Teamwork. Maintaining an exceptional Teamspirit by cultivating an atmosphere where everyone feels heard is our core value in order to develop outstanding Games.

Lukas Deuschel

Owner, Project Manager, Lead Sound Designer, Creative Director

Robin Zenker

Art Director

Kelton Weigelt

Technical Director

Matthias Kempke

Narrative Director (Consultant)

Career at Hekate

We are constantly on the look for new exceptional Talent to join our Team and help bring our Vision to life.

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